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How to choose the right interview clothes for women in 2021?

2020, a totally bad year. 2021, a totally new year. In this year, you may want to find a new job, before a new job, you may need some new clothes. OK, it's time to pick some new interview clothes for your wardrobe.

When you plan to find a job, in addition to other required professional knowledge and interview skills, your interview dress will also affect your interview results. When you move on to the interviewer’s vision, the first impression you leave is pretty important.

Consider how your appearance can enhance your abilities and experience when deciding what to wear to an interview, help to prove that you are a good match for both the job and the recruiting organization.

The following shows you which different dresses are suitable for different positions.

No.1 : Business Casual

Examples of the sectors most generally associated with business casual wear are technology, education, marketing and hospitality.

It is more difficult to describe this type of dress than formal business since different individuals have different opinions on what it means in practice.

Aojo bow tie neck vintage business dress

Retro business dress, classic and intriguing, ultra soft and smooth, almost zero irritation to the skin. There are multiple colors to choose from, green,representing the hope of 2021 New Year, let the bad 2020 stay in the past, and the new hope is taking root ; Black symbolizes authority, elegance, low-key, and creativity; blue, a symbol of sky and ocean, represents calmness and femininity.

Knee-length skirts fit great for business casual. Combine them over the top with blouses, shirts or smart tops and a casual blazer.

Stop open toes by sticking to low heels (either blocked or tapered) or flat shoes. Choose subtle accessories and a smart tote bag or portfolio is full.


NO.2 : Formal Company

Industries such as finance, insurance, legal, high-profile sales and HR all fall into the formal interview attire category of the organization. A polished outfit that portrays you as assertive, confident and competent is what you'll want.

Wear a dark-toned skirt or pantsuit with a light-colored buttoned blouse or shirt. Especially in warmer months, it is usually appropriate for women to go without a jacket, but it is a good idea to bring it with you. Hold the skirt below or just slightly above the knee and use nude tights to suit it.

Complete with a smart business bag or briefcase, and discreet jewellery such as a plain watch bracelet. Don't accessorize with cheap jewelry, as your professional image would be affected.

NO.3 : Casual

The creative industries and the business culture of start-ups are often associated with casual, where the staff is typically younger.

Feel free to change your pants or skirt for skinny or fitted dark wash jeans and add a basic pattern to your top half like a check.

For a smart, casual look, flat shoes or boots are appropriate.

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